Megger PAT 420
PAT testing company

Inspection & Testing

A visual inspection is required to check for faults or defects which cannot be detected during the testing process. As a qualified and experienced examiner, we know what to look for and may be able to carry out simple repairs to the item.


When it comes to testing, we use the the Megger PAT420. The PAT420 is the most productive tester in it's class, is used by professional PAT Testing companies and can carry out the following tests:


✅ The PAT420 sports an internal memory capable of holding upto 10,000 test results within it's database

✅ Dual 230V and 110V operation and testing for industrial, commercial and residential applications

✅ 200mA, 10A and 25A bond test with high duty cycle and no overheating on repetitive tests

✅ Insulation testing at 250V and 500V

✅ Substitute, differential and touch current leakage tests

✅ Operational VA test

✅ Earth bond, insulation, polarity and extension lead tests

✅ Portable RCD tests

On completion of payment, the customer will be issued with a certificate which includes the detailed test results as well as the testing equipment's calibration details. This can be used for insurance purposes to show that your maintenance procedures follow Health & Safety guidelines.

If you require help or guidance with your Portable Appliance Testing, then feel free to call The PAT Man on 01642 690094 to discuss your issues.